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Brian Jay

Brian Jay hasn't always worked at Rock 103...but sometimes it seems like it. Brian first discovered Rock 103 as a listener when the station first went on the air in 1977.

From his first time on the air at the Craigmont High School radio station, Brian pretty much knew that he wanted to work in radio. In the 90's, the opportunity came along and he took a job doing Weekend Mornings on Rock 103. And so "Brian Jay's Hangover Clinic" was born. Then, Brian took over the night shift for a couple of years. Brian later moved to mornings, producing the legendary Wake Up Crew. Brian would take a job for a couple of years across the hall at our News/Talk station and return to Rock 103 Mornings solo for the "Shut Up And Rock" morning show in 2012-2013.

These days, when the moon is full and the atmospheric conditions are just right, you just might hear Brian on the air. Or was it your imagination?


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