A few weeks ago, ZZ Top had to cancel several shows on their current tour while their bass player, Dusty Hill made an unexpected trip to the hospital.  Turns out the problem was 2 large kidney stones.

According to one report, Dusty was in good spirits about the whole thing.  When Billy Gibbons called for an update, he quoted some legendary lyrics from Delta Blues-Man Robert Johnson:  "I've got stones in my passway...", "But the doctor says not for long" Dusty added.

Yes, there really is a blues song about that!

THe band is set to resume their current tour with Jeff Beck this Friday night with a show in Missoula Montana.  Hopefully, there will be a show added somewhere around Memphis on the current tour.  I'd love to see these guys again...and I'm a big fan of Jeff Beck too.

Until then, enjoy this live footage from a show last year:


And here's the song that Dusty was quoting from.  How about some authentic Delta Blues from Robert Johnson himself: