December 2, 2016

On Friday’s Mark Levin show, The purpose of the Constitution is to enable freedom of the individual and set up a government that nurtures our unalienable rights. It’s not meant to provide us with our material wants and needs. In order for the government to do that, someone else’s rights would have to be denied. In addition, progressives were the one who instituted tariffs in this country. The likes of FDR and Huey Long would agree with tariff and protectionist policies being proposed today. Tariffs don’t build an economy or encourage a freedom mentality. What President-elect Trump ought to do is unleash the economy so that more and more people get jobs and wealth is created. This is why Reaganites are needed in the Trump administration. Unfortunately, many conservatives don’t seem to understand this today. The Republican Party is regressing and we have lost sight of liberty. Many are getting caught up by the same class warfare of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. We should not contribute to the degradation that the left and President Obama have imposed on this country. America needs to embrace Reagan, Thatcher and freedom. Later, of course the left wingers in the Senate are not going to pass a statute to confirm General James Mattis for Secretary of Defense. Republicans better steam roll the minority on this one.



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