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$15 an Hour to Play PokemonGO?

Jake Auditions for JOURNEY.

Lynda Carter Made Him Do It.

Nation of Jake goes the whole "I'm the new guy" thing.

...but, I'm really not new. I was born and raised here in Memphis listening to great radio stations like 600 WREC, Rock 103, and K97. Now I get to work here.

You may (but must likely don't) remember me from my days at "Solid Rock 92.9 MFS" back in the late 90s/early 00s. You probably didn't go to Germantown High School with me. I was rarely seen around Rhodes College while pursuing my degree in Political Science.

I spent the last 10 or so years in Atlanta, GA where I continued my radio career as an Executive Producer for Braves Baseball, a producer/co-host of an afternoon talk show, and a producer of a morning sports show.

The whole time, I missed I conned the guys at 600 WREC into giving me an afternoon radio show.

Enough about me. I want to hear about you...feel free to join The Nation of Jake every weekday at 5pm. Program the number in your phone. 901-535-WREC (9732).

Seriously. Call me maybe.



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