There's a phrase that gets thrown around this time every year that makes my skin crawl.

"Happy Memorial Day".

This isn't a "happy" holiday, so save that Pharrell Williams song for another time.

It's a day of remembrance, reflection, and observation.

I'm not saying you have to spend all weekend in a dark room crying, but at the very least, make sure that your kids (and maybe your younger nephews and cousins) understand what this day is about.

It's about honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to keep America American.

So, by all means fire up that grill, stuff your face with burgers and dogs, get drunk and go swimming (maybe not in that order)...but just take a minute and recognize that they're probably not having this much fun in Russia.

To the guys and gals who gave their all to ensure that the U.S. remained the greatest country in the world...We'll Never Forget You.