Warren Vows to Decriminalize Illegal Border Crossings If Elected President

SenatorElizabeth Warren(D-Mass.) is following in the footsteps of some of her fellow Democrats in calling for the decriminalization of illegal border crossings.

Today, if an individual crosses the border illegally, they can be detained because it is a criminal offense to do so. If Warren has her way, an illegal border crossing would be treated as a misdemeanor and the individual would just be issued a citation, similar to a speeding ticket.

This could drastically change the situation at the border because border patrol would no longer have grounds to detain illegal immigrants unless they have committed an additional crime, such as drug trafficking.

Warren toldHuff Post:

“We should not be criminalizing mamas and babies trying to flee violence at home or trying to build a better future. We must pass comprehensive immigration reform that is in line with our values, creates a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants including our DREAMers, and protects our borders.”

The senator isn’t the first to make this proposal. Her fellow 2020 Democrat and former Housing and Urban Development SecretaryJulián Castroannounced his plan to decriminalize illegal border crossings shortly after announcing his candidacy.

At the time, Warren refused to commit to Castro’s idea but said she “admired” his work and was “very interested” in learning more about it.

AsIJR previously reported, several prominent Republicans including Texas Attorney GeneralKen Paxtonand CongressmanDan Crenshawstrongly condemned Castro’s plan to decriminalize border crossings.

Paxton went as far as claiming that it could “cost lives.” Crenshaw’s response was more restrained, but he argued that Castro’s position was proof that the Democrats were the party of “open borders.”

Dan Crenshaw✔@DanCrenshawTX
Great idea Castro, way to look out for American citizens. Sigh.
Dems are the party of open borders. Period.
The crisis at our border is being described as in a “free fall”. We need to fix it, not give up.
Thanks for the suggestion Julian, we will take it from here. https://twitter.com/dallasnews/status/1113193389137199105 …
Dallas Morning News✔@dallasnews
.@JulianCastro unveils plan to decriminalize illegal immigration, grant citizenship path to millions https://buff.ly/2FKWyEn

Warren’s support for decriminalization has legitimized Crenshaw’s concerns that major Democrats were backing relaxed border security proposals. She was hit with many of the same criticisms Castro faced.

Ronna McDaniel✔@GOPChairwoman
Elizabeth Warren wants to decriminalize illegal immigration.
Beto O'Rouke wants to tear down all existing border barriers.
Could the stars of the 1st Democrat debate be any more extreme on immigration?
They're totally out of touch.
Bryan Dean Wright✔@BryanDeanWright
The State Dept has thousands of consular officers around the world who decide whether foreigners can come to the US.
If you decriminalize crossing the border illegally, why bother having that visa process?
Why bother having a border at all?
Warren is embracing madness. https://twitter.com/dailycaller/status/1143760828358938624 …
Daily Caller✔@DailyCaller
Elizabeth Warren Says She’ll Decriminalize Crossing The Border http://bit.ly/2KE5dNY

Andrew Clark✔@AndrewHClark
Elizabeth Warren, who still has no immigration plan, comes out with a "plan" to decriminalize border crossings.
That's not a plan. It's a recipe for open borders and chaos. And it's unfair to legal immigrants. #YesWePlan#JustNotToday#SorryAmericahttps://www.huffpost.com/entry/elizabeth-warren-immigration_n_5d1238bae4b07ae90da46c88 …

For now, it isn’t clear how many other 2020 Democrats will follow in the footsteps of Castro and Warren, thoughWarren’s positionin the polls shows that decriminalization is becoming a widely supported idea within the party.

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