Person Who Gave Dayton Shooter Body Armor Facing Federal Charges

Ethan Kollie

Ethan Kollie

Federal firearm charges have been filed against a friend of the shooter who killed nine people in Dayton, Ohio last week. Police say that Ethan Kollie purchased body armor, a gun accessory, and a 100-round magazine that the gunman used in his attack. Kollie stored the items in his apartment so the shooter's parents would not find them. He also helped his friend assemble the rifle he used to commit the massacre.

Authorities charged Kollie for lying about not smoking marijuana on a federal firearms form and for being in possession of a firearm while being a user of controlled substances.

Officials say that he was not involved in the planning of the attack and there is no evidence that he knew what his friend was planning.

Dayton officers killed the suspect about 30 seconds after he opened fire but he still managed to kill nine people and wound 27 others outside a bar in a popular entertainment district in downtown Dayton. Authorities say that if he had gotten inside, he could have killed hundreds of people.

Police say he purchased his gun online from a dealer in Texas. The firearm was shipped to a dealer in the Dayton area where he picked it up after passing a background check. They have not determined a motive for the shooting.

Photo: Montgomery County Jail

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