Elementary School Evacuated After Explosive Device Detonates On Playground

Rossiter Elementary School

An elementary school in Montana was evacuated after an improvised explosive device detonated on the playground. Rossiter Elementary School was placed on lockdown as emergency responders rushed to the scene. Officials say nobody was injured as a result of the explosion.

Students are being bussed to a nearby school where they can be picked up by their parents. 

Authorities say that other schools in the district are on lockdown as police search the buildings for explosives. 

The Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Office, the FBI, Montana Highway Patrol, Helena Police Department, and the ATF are on scene. Officials have not released any details about the device, or why it was placed on the playground. There was no threat made against the school prior to the explosion.

The device did not cause any damage to playground. Authorities described the device as a soda bottle with duct tape wrapped around it, but did not say what was inside it.

Photo: Google Maps


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