Nancy, "Do As I Say-Not As I Do" Pelosi Caught in the Act

Plastic Nancy proves once again what a fraud she is and the fear that she perpetrated with the Pelosi Pandemic, on the American people over Covid-19. Fox News released video of her caught walking through a San Francisco hair salon to get a wash, style and blow. Of course she's not masked (and if anyone should be masked, its her).

California Governor, Gruesome, Gavin Newsome allows some salons to operate outdoors only. In this newly release Fox News Video, Plastic Pelosi in clearly NOT outdoors.

The 80 year, millionaire- career politician is literally giving Amercian citizens, the aged, wrinkled, swan neck-deformed middle finger. As if we needed more proof that we've been hoodwinked by government and national media, this is the final act. Thanks for clearing it up Plastic Pelosi.