WATCH: Tennessee Reporter Catches Car Crash Live On Air

As the age-old saying goes, the show must go on!

That is exactly what one Tennessee reporter had to do earlier this week when something very unexpected occurred right behind her as she was live on air.

Kelly Roberts, a reporter with WMC Action 5 News in Memphis, was in the Medical District near Jefferson and Dunlap on Wednesday (April 28), waiting to begin her segment, when two vehicles collided behind her. No one appeared to be injured and Emergency Medical Services were not called to the scene. Campus Police responded to the accident as it happened near the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center.

Roberts took to Twitter Thursday to thank all who had reached out after the segment aired.

"Thank you to everyone who has reached out, thankful I was okay after a wreck happened several feet from me during my live shot last night," she said. "I'm fine, but more importantly there were no injuries for those involved in the wreck."

She went on to praise photographer Adam Crisler for keeping his cool while capturing the random accident.

"We both stayed on scene until police arrived to assist in anyway," she said. "Still thinking of those involved and hope they get everything resolved quickly."

Check out the video the Roberts and Crisler managed to capture as it happened at WMC Action 5 News here.

So, how would you have reacted in that situation?

Photo: Getty Images