Tennessee Woman Accidentally Buys Loaded Gun At Church Rummage Sale

A woman shopping at a church rummage sale last month was shocked to find out the airsoft gun she thought she had purchased was actually a very real, loaded firearm, WKRN reports.

According to a Greenville Police Department report, the woman bought the Glock 23 handgun during a sale at First Church of God on West Main Street on May 7. She had wanted to buy the holster the weapon was in, thinking the firearm was an airsoft gun. However, when she got home, she realized that the gun was a real firearm that was fully loaded, including "one in the chamber."

The woman called an officer to a home on Pelican Lane on Sunday (June 6), to report the firearm. The gun was allegedly taken from a bag of clothes at the church rummage sale and placed on a table for sale, where the woman then purchased it. The Glock 23 was collected as evidence, as was a magazine, holster, and 11 .40 rounds.

During the course of the investigation, police discovered that the firearm was reported stolen on May 8 to the Greene County Sheriff's Office. A woman attempted to come forward, claiming the firearm was her husband's, but police said she couldn't provide a description of the markings on the side of the gun police had recovered.

The Greene County Sheriff's Office is continuing to investigate the incident.

Photo: Getty Images