High Speed Police Chase Leads To Airborne Car Narrowly Missing Gas Pumps

Photo: Getty Images

A high speed police chase in East Tennessee nearly ended with an airborne car crashing into gas pumps.

According to WKRN, the chase began around midnight on Friday (July 23) in Ashland City after an officer monitoring radar checks registered a car driving 70 mph in a 55 mph zone on Highway 12. The officer began chasing the car, which then signaled multiple times that it would pull over. Instead, police said the bar began driving recklessly near other vehicles, including passing cars in the break down lane.

During the chase, officers were able to spike all four tires on the car. As the driver attempted to maneuver around a corner, she ended up driving through a front lawn, smash through shrubs and hit a driveway at an angle. The car then launched into the air and landed in a parking lot before hitting another curb, sending it airborne once again. It landed in the parking lot of a gas station, narrowly avoiding the gas pumps and parked cars by the door.

Police arrested the driver, identified as 40-year-old Misty Scruggs, and took her into custody. Once she arrived at the jail, officers noticed she had illegal substances hidden inside her mouth, which was later determined to be half of an Alprazolam pill and a white powdery substance consistent with heroin, per the news outlet.

Scruggs faces charges of evading arrest, driving on a revoked license, introduction of drugs into a penal institution, possession of Schedule IV drugs and possession of Schedule 1 drugs. She also received tickets for speeding and violation of financial responsibility.

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