Tennessee Hot Dog Restaurant Offers Free Milkshakes For Proof Of Vasectomy

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A hot dog restaurant in Tennessee is offering guests the chance to get a free milkshake. All you need to do is show proof you've had a vasectomy.

Daddy's Dogs in Nashville is offering a new deal throughout the month of July called "Snip for Shake," which allows customers to received a free milkshake if they show a doctor's note or proof from their insurance company that they have received a vasectomy, per News Channel 5. The deal extends to the Shake of the Month, which happens to be "Daddy's Horchata."

Sean Porter, aka "Dr. Big Daddy," announced the Snip for Shake deal in a video posted to the restaurant's social media, saying "the world's a pretty crazy place right now" and he has "a way to make it just a little bit better."

The deal comes after the U.S. Supreme Court's June 24 ruling overturning the 1973 landmark court case Roe v. Wade, which guaranteed a constitutional right to an abortion, protecting a pregnant person's right to choose to have an abortion without excessive government restriction. While some states are working to codify the right to an abortion, others, like Tennessee, have halted nearly all abortions.

Since the SCOTUS decision, there has reportedly been an increase in men inquiring about vasectomies, including a local urologist who has seen the increased curiosity around Nashville.

Porter said they've received some negative feedback after announcing the deal, but the majority of the response has been positive. Some customers have even cashed in on the offer to get their free shakes.

"There's a couple of people who have like shouted stuff as they drive by, or, you know, trolled us on the web," he said. "But I think, for the most part, the response has been fun, and we've gotten a few takers."

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