A New Commission Formed To Tackle "Unalienable Rights?" - In 2019?

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Justice Department Releases Redacted Version Of The Mueller Report

A newly formed Commission for "Unalienable Rights" has been tasked with providing an informed review of those rights and to clear up a seeminly confusion about them, as stated in articles. This one is very interesting. It also brings up a number of questions. So that you will be informed and in the know, look them up(Universal Declaration Of Human Rights); it is "Basic 101" and an eye opener. It is a great place to start, to brush up on your knowledge, of just what your Unalienable Rights are(about you, invole you, affect you). Read about it here. The Hill's Zack Budryk, July 23, 2019: Democracts, Advocacy Groups, Urge Pompeo To Abolish 'Unalienable Rights' Commission

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