Rep. Nancy Mace Taunts Pelosi: Come and Get Me

CLAY: Here is Representative Nancy Mace’s video that she posted earlier today — just in the last couple of hours — directed to Nancy Pelosi.

MACE: In the tunnel this morning, socially distant from anybody else. I’ve had covid. I’ve had two vaccinations. I’m washing my hands. I’m even wearing my mask inside the Chamber! But I’m not going to wear it anywhere else. So, Madam Speaker, come and get me.

BUCK: I like it. This is like “molon labe” for masks. “Come and take it,” or I guess, “Come and grab me and try to arrest me.” But I gotta tell you, Clay, listen to what she just said. “I’ve had covid, I’ve had two vaccines, I’ve been through all this stuff.” At some point, we just have to force the other side to admit that their plan is that this never stops, that they just get to determine when and how much of this you have to do.

But you’re never actually free of it — and to that, I’d say, we’re going to come back to this. Remember in the beginning of the debates about covid, it was, “What about the flu? We didn’t do this for that. People die from the flu every.” They said, “Oh, well, this isn’t the flu.” Uh, now we’re actually getting to numbers where it pretty much is actually in terms of what the spread is right now and the number of people dying from it.

It’s pretty close to a flu season, and they’re acting like we have to get close to doing all this stuff. They’ve just lost their minds. I don’t know what else to say. This is… Orange Man Bad was keeping them up at night. Now it’s the lack of masking. It was Russia collusion before. Now it’s the lack of vaccinated Trump supporters. These people have real problems, Clay.

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