It’s the Border, Stupid: Biden Builds Wall Around Delaware Beach House

BUCK: One promise that we have on the show is we are not going to forget about, we’re not going to skip past the border issue. This is one where the Democrats have no rejoinder. They have no real response to this. There’s nothing they can say that can convince you this is not… If you know the numbers — and that’s why we want to keep bringing them to you month in, month out — and the reality of the Biden administration policies and what they’ve been up to this whole time…

Once learn know you learn and see all those things, you understand that they are running a de facto open border policy. They’re doing the absolute bare minimum to make it seem like they don’t want the tidal wave of illegal immigration to this country to continue. Governor Greg Abbott of Texas is stepping up and doing what he can as a governor, as a border state governor. But he says that it’s clear now, as he’s mobilized the Texas National Guard and he’s tried to use Texas state resources to secure the border, the federal government just doesn’t want that to happen.

The Biden administration doesn’t want a secure border. Play 23.

ABBOTT: I was on the border yesterday working with both the Texas National Guard as well as the Texas Department of Public Safety. As we are preparing for the potential arrival of this caravan, understanding this, and that is the Biden administration is AWOL. The Biden administration has abandoned any pretense of securing the border and it’s left it only to the state of Texas to step up and to secure our own border.

As a result, we have thousands of National Guard as well as Texas Department of Public Safety officers — including Texas Rangers — making sure that we are providing the resources we need to secure the border, as well as Texas is in the process of building a wall as well as making arrests of people coming across the border illegally and trespassing in the state of Texas.

BUCK: Clay, I’m sure you’ve seen it. I know you’re gonna be down in Houston, right, later this week at one of our great affiliates in Houston. We appreciate everybody listening around there. Here we have the video already circulating of massive caravans making their way up from Central America through Mexico. They’re gonna be here soon.

CLAY: Yeah. And, again, this is why last week I was saying, I really think in 2022… I know there are so many failures of the Biden administration. It’s tempting to be, “Hey, we need to focus on foreign policy” or “we need to focus on inflation” or “we need to focus on the overall unemployment rate and the fact that we’re spending too much money and the murder rate and all these things.”

It’s the border, stupid.

If you look at the data, if you look at the data on what motivates people — white, black, Asian, Hispanic, everybody out there — to uniformly say that Biden administration say cataclysmic failure, the border is where this all comes together. And remember, there’s so many areas where Biden is ripe to be made fun of. But did you see the story, Buck? He got a $500,000 fence put around his beach home.

BUCK: In Delaware, yeah. This is so surprising, Clay, because I’ve heard from many very smart Democrats — many, many of them — and many people in the media that fences and walls don’t work. And yet when we see the fancy Democrats, they seem to have fences and walls around their property for security purposes.

CLAY: Oh, yeah.

BUCK: Hmm.

CLAY: It’s amazing how often, and also there’s a little thing called human history which has suggested that walls make a kind of significant difference when it comes to security. But if you have the sieve that exists right now at the border, I would love to have seen if anybody’s smart enough in the Biden administration to have known this was gonna happen.

A $500,000 taxpayer funded wall being put up around Joe Biden’s beach home in Delaware to provide greater protection? How in the world…? I understand there’s a security element here and everything else. But if I were Joe Biden, I would have said, “Hey, maybe an impermanent fence, maybe some sort of setup, anything other than a wall, because all it does is reinforce my failure to protect the southern border and opposition to the wall.” Again I think not only do we have to point out what a disaster the border is, Buck, we have to point out that Trump had it solved. He had border issue solved.

BUCK: And he became the president because and he got ahead of the Republican contenders for the nomination because of the clarity with which he saw and also spoke on the border issue. Now, he had the migration issue solved from the perspective of how they were abusing asylum and now what we’ve seen is — and there was not the completion of the wall, which is frustrating.

But there was work done. I saw sections myself where the wall was being built. One of the reasons Joe Biden, Clay, can’t go down there knows it’s not I good idea is all it takes is one person anyone rank-and-file up to a senior officer on Border Patrol to say in response to a Biden, politicians, “What can we do? What could we really do to support…?” Biden will do something else. “No joke! What can we do…”

All it takes is one Border Patrol member to say, “Sir, we could really use some wall in this sector. That would really help our deleted resources and let us focus our…” Democrats will all have their hair on fire because they just lied, they lied to the American people. I had debates on TV with people about this where they would say, “Walls are stupid!

“Show me a wall; I’ll show you a ladder,” and they thought that was smart. It’s amazing it’s like the people say defund the police is gonna make everyone safer. How can they say things that are so dumb? I guess ideological indoctrination overrides experience, rationality, and, well, basic problem solving.

CLAY: Yeah. Look. The wall is not a perfect panacea. It’s not going to solve everything.

BUCK: No, it’s a tool, and they’ll tell you that it’s always been a tool.

CLAY: Yeah, but it’s a pretty significant tool to have in your arsenal, right? I mean, it’s very basic. And I just love again “It’s the border, stupid.” I think Democrats are gonna get destroyed in 2022, but if you look at all the data, the number one issue that Biden is failing on — and that’s why he doesn’t want to go visit and that’s why he doesn’t want to discuss it is the border. It is the number one failure of the Biden administration, which is saying something, Buck, ’cause there’s a lot of failures out there to consider.

BUCK: We’re gonna continue to cover the caravans on their way, thousands and thousands of people planning on gaming the U.S. immigration system, claiming asylum when they’re not asylees, coming as family member units because they know they’ll get around the system that we have to stop illegal migration.

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