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Are we still flying "the friendly skies" or are the skies and the flying experience not so friendly anymore? Something's going wrong and can we make it right? According to a recent article by Hannah More Daily, May 19th, (Man punches service dog and pregnant deaf wife) Frontier Airlines had anything but a smooth landing. One family, the Manleys, felt that The Ramirez and Silvay family's dog was taking up too much room. That's not to mention the real reason, " that it was a dog." A Service Dog, for the adult family members who are deaf. Skip past the fact that the minor children watched this fiasco, but the adult throwing the first punch feels completely justified. Are we coming into an age of satellite police stations on each plane or will the Air Marshall have to include domestic dispute violence in his job description? Interesting read. What is your conclusion/solution to this one? After all it does involve you.


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