This is Heart - This is Brave - This is Real!!!

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Mr. Mamoudou Gassama, "THANK YOU."  While trying to establish citizenship in the capital city of Paris in France, you established yourself as a hero and a citizen to the world.  An Malian immigrant, on Saturday night, saved the life of a child, dangling from a 4th floor balcony, in a fashion, quite notably, that was OUTSTANDING.  He scaled himself up 4 floors( in a reported 30 seconds) to save a child that needed a miraculous rescue and that is what he received.  The Heart of the matter is, This  Was  Heart! As a very big thank you for his bravery, he will become a French citizen and a member of the Fire Brigade. This read is one for the ages and like a good movie, one that you watch again and again. You can read more and watch the video at by Nick Enoch, May 27, 2018.


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