Facebook Keys Available - Exception Just Not You

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The temperature on Facebook seems to be rising. A new report has surfaced that claims when the company was making its rise to the top, it opened its doors, correction, your doors and your friends 'doors to many companies( in the form of partnerships). This union allowed access to a LOT of your social information, that you thought and requested be kept private or at least semi-private(between You and Facebook ). Facebook says move on, nothing to worry about here, as they have it under complete control. However, not the general concensus, as some major device makers, are not confined under that complete control. Former Trade Commission Chief, Ashkan Soltani says, "Its like having locks installed and the locksmith gave keys to all of his friends." This article is probably one to start with "Woosah" and a cup of coffee and then proceed to read. nytimes, Gabriel J.X.Dance, Nicholas Confessore, Michael LaForgia, June 3, 2018, Facebook Gave Devise Makers Deep Access to Data on Users and Friends.


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