Carrier Employees Still In Distrust Of Their Jobs,

Photo: Getty

What is going on at Carrier's Furnace Division in Indianapolis, Indiana? Well, Thank you for asking. I would love to bring you up to date.  It would seem, that since the plant's potential closure was saved, layoffs staved, by the President's intervention, the plant would be a beacon of high morale, productivity and hope.  Well according to the latest articles, on Carrier, not so much. The wages are still up, but everything else is down. There are two articles, written August 10, 2018, that give the inside. You don't want to miss it. This is a must read and you can do it here: New York Times, Nelson D. Schwartz: At Carrier, The Factory Trump Saved, Morale Is Through The Floor, and The Hill, John Bowden, Some Workers Say Carrier Faces Low Morale, Absenteeism At Factory Saved By Trump: Report.


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