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Randolph County Georgia, is having a voting issue problem, in 2018.  It seems they want to close 7 out of 9 voting sites, in a mostly Rural area,  because they are not disability compatible.  Sounds like a novel concern. Except, they were cited with this problem in 2013 and advised to correct it. They have not done so because of funding.  They have consistenly used these 9 locations, as late as July 2018, with no apparent problem.  The county is comprised of less than 8000 residents who are 60% African American; who have an opportunity to vote for the 1st African American woman, running for Governor, if they choose. This proposed closing, is not a favorable idea, to a whole lot of people. What are your thoughts? Read more: Georgia News, Ashley Bridges, August 21, 2018, Georgia County to close 7 of 9 precincts, Civil Rights Attorney, Calls It Voter Suppression. and Georgia Candidates Decry Plan To Close Voting Sites In Mostly Black County, by Reuters, Tim Reid, August 20, 2018.


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