Who Wants To Be A Millionnaire - Crazy Socks Guy!

Photo: Getty

John Cronin began his very promising career in the month of December, the year 2016.  After such a short time,  John's Crazy Socks, are bringing in an impressive income. John Cronin and his Dad, Mark, both co-founders of the business, are already in the black.  This one is quite inspirational and a good read. Where there is a will...there is a way. Read more: Father and Son Find Happiness, One Crazy Sock At A Time, from CBS News article, dated June 27, 2018, by Jim Axelrod. More information detailing the  idea's unfolding, can be found here: This 21 Year Old With Down Syndrome Is Making Six Figures Making Socks, from Time.com article, by Veronica Quezada, dated April 25, 2017.  


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