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WE THE PEOPLE, are the constituency, of the Republican party, the Democratic party, and the Independent party. We have many varying ideas and ideals. Seems to reason, so should the laws of the land and the concerns of the citizens, of this great United States of America. Should not the governing, be a culmination of ideas and ideals, a mesh, to accomodate and bring all parties together?  We are one; The People. TOGETHER, we are the power, DIVIDED, not so much. This article is enlightening and has some definite credibility, as seen daily by examples of our interactions in this climate, we are living, thriving and surviving in. What are your thoughts? What do you say? Yea or Nay? Read about it here: Partisanship Is A Toxin And A Potential Mind Altering Drug, David S. D'Amato, September 22, 2018, The Hill.

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