Mechanic Busted Taking Customers Car On Joyride, Hitting Speeds Near 90 MPH


A mechanic has been fired for taking a customer's Porsche Boxster out for a joyride after giving the sports car a tune-up. When Jane Symonds, who works as a dog coat saleswoman, returned to pick up her car, she noticed that it was missing about a quarter of a tank of gas and decided to pull up the footage from her dash camera. What she saw shocked her.

Symonds watched as her car was taken out on the country roads in Lampeter, Wales, hitting a top speed of 89 miles per hour before it was returned to the service center. The woman immediately called the police and showed them the dashcam video. She says that she can no longer drive the car because it "was tarnished by what happened, it’s damaged goods to me now."

“One of my neighbors could have seen the car being driven like that and thought it was me. It could have damaged my reputation," she said. 

The mechanic was fired by Huw Lewis Tyres after the owners learned of his joyride.

"We spoke to the lady concerned at our Aberystwyth garage where she received an apology and have seen the dashcam footage ourselves. What happened is obviously very disappointing for us as a company. At the end of the day, we are a locally-based family business who don’t want to lose a valued customer so we will be speaking again to this lady about this unfortunate event."


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