World Wide Polio Eradication Is Closer Than Ever

Photo: Getty

The world wide eradication of Polio would be a Dream come true; one that is closer to reality than it previously was.  A new Freeze Dried Polio vaccine has been tested on mice and has shown to be effective with full protection.  Clinial human trials are needed before the vaccine can be put on market.  Excellent progress, excellent read.

Photo: Getty

You can read about the latest gains over the disease with articles from UPI and New Medical Life Sciences.  UPI's Health Day News, November 27, 2018: Freeze-Dried Vaccine May Help Rid World Of Polio.  MD, Ananya Mandal, has published an article dated November 28, 2018, in  New-Medical. Net: Freeze Dried Polio Vaccine Could Help Save Lives In Remote Locations.


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