Fraternities And Sorities Are Coming Under Fire

Harvard is being sued by fraternities and Sorities because they are wanting to make it harder for same sex organizations to operate on campus.  This is something that could have a lasting effect on how, going forward, they will comprise themselves and operate as an organization.  Harvard feels the organization need a upgrade by becoming gender neutral, gender focused. This sounds like a fight on the horizon. What are your thoughts?

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This is certainly a must read and here are more sources for the 101: Harvard Commits To Ban On Single-Sex Organizations, But Will Allow 'Gender Focused' Female Groups. Reason's Hit and Run Blog, Kayla Stetzel's article from February 5, 2018. And here is more from The Chronicle of Higher Education's  Andy Tsubasa Field, December 3, 2018: Fraternities And Soroties Sue Harvard Over Its Policy Against Single-Sex Groups.

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The Diversity effort that Harvard is proposing, has inspired a Federal lawsuit violation of Education Title IV and the US Constitution according to the Plantiffs. UPI's Alan Cone, published this article December 4, 2018: Fraternities, Sorities Sue Harvard Over Single-Sex Social Club Santions. 


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