Controversial Artwork Removed From 9/11 Memorial

Port Authority officials have decided to move a piece of sculpture that paid tribute to Saudi Arabia because of its close proximity to the 9/11 memorial.

Angry New Yorkers took to social media to complain about the statue that features the flag of Saudi America and an agreement was reached with the artist and the Port Authority to have the work relocated to JFK airport.

A spokesperson from the Port Authority released a statement to the New York Post that read, "We have been in contact with the 9/11 memorial and various stakeholders, and in full collaboration with the artist will relocate the exhibit from its current location. We believe this solution respects the unique sensitivities of the site and preserves the artistic integrity of the exhibit."

Though 15 of the 19 9/11 attackers were Saudi citizens government officials deny any connection with the terrorist attack.

French artist Lawrence Jenkell has 25 versions of the sculpture placed around the globe.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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