200 Involved in Florida Prostitution Sting,‘Prominent Members of Society’

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that there are 175 more names coming in a Jupiter, Florida prostitution sting that resulted in New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft being charged with soliciting a prostitute.

Schefter told a WEEI radio host on Friday thatKraft was not the biggest name involved.

Schefter clarified that when he was talking about Kraft on ESPN earlier in the day, there were only 25 people named in the police report so far and that it is his understanding that there are up to 200 names in total involved in the investigation.

“This is an investigation that has been going on for months,” Schefter said. “Now again today, Robert Kraft was charged with soliciting a prostitute. He has categorically denied those charges and say they are untrue.”

“What I have been told is that there are other people involved. There are other names that will come out in this particular investigation,” Schefter added.

“We got 25 names today, there are 175 more names coming. Now some will just be regular people whose names we don’t know. But there could be other names that we do know, and that’s how it was explained to me,” Schefter said.

Schefter explained that there is no evidence to suggest that Kraft was involved in the human trafficking aspect of the investigation.

“I was speaking and texting with someone who lives down there, and they told me it’s going to get a lot worse down there, that there will be other people involved, that everyone down there is very nervous right now, that there are people being arrested that are prominent members of society down there,” Schefter said.

Schefter added that the rumors about who else is involved are “rampant.”

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