Chants of 'CNN sucks' cause network to cut away from Trump rally

Some four years after Donald Trump took that famous trip down the escalator and announced his run for the presidency, he held a rally in Orlando to announce his bid for re-election. Unsurprisingly, Trump took a shot at his favorite target, the media, and the crowd happily joined in, singling out CNN.

“2016 was not merely a four-year election, this was a defining moment in American history,” Trump said. Then, pointing to the press pit, he added, “Ask them right there.”

The crowd booed loudly, then began chanting “CNN sucks” for nearly 20 seconds, to Trump’s obvious delight. Trump went on to point out the “fake news” one more time and referenced the Academy Awards before CNN had heard enough and cut away to John Berman, who was filling in for Anderson Cooper.

“Alright, we’ve been watching the president kick off his re-election bid,” Berman said. “He’s been on stage for about six minutes. Within two minutes he did talk about the economy, but within four minutes it was attacks on the media.”

While CNN showed just a few minutes of Trump’s speech, Fox News aired it in its entirety, and MSNBC all but ignored it.

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