2020 US Census Will Not Have Trump Administration Citizenship Question

US President Donald Trump said last week he has asked his lawyers to try and delay the census after the Supreme Court had effectively blocked the administration from adding a citizenship question to the questionnaire.

New York's attorney general said on Tuesday, cited by Reuters, that the 2020 US would begin printing forms that do not include the citizenship question.

An official in the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James told Reuters the US Justice Department had informed them that the Census forms would exclude the citizenship question that the Trump administration had sought.

The US Constitution requires a census every 10 years to count every person in the United States, including citizens and non-citizens.

The Trump administration’s plan to add the citizenship question to the census was challenged earlier in court by several advocacy groups who claimed the move violates US voting rights laws.

Critics of the proposal claim the Trump administration is trying to intimidate non-US citizens and minority groups which will lead to an underrepresentation.

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