They Are Called "Virgin Plastic Pelletts" Or "Nurdles" The New Plastic

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Transparent Polyethylene granules on dark .HDPE Plastic pellets.  Plastic Raw material . IDPE.

Virgin Plastic Pellets, also called Nurdles, is a new plastic that is being spearheaded by some oil companies as an additional revenue source for their corporations and to demonstrate additional ways that natural gas and its derivatives can be used. The virgin plastic pellets, are said to be the size of a lentil, round, very lightweight and moves around a lot. Some critics suggest that it will be more difficult to contain, than the plastics that are widely used now. It seems to be a new future for and of plastics. There are many articles about this. Here is one to get you started. Quartz,, Zoe Schlanger, August 19, 2019: Virgin Plastic Pellets Are The Biggest Pollution Disaster You've Never Heard Of

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