Chlorpyrifos, A Crop Pesticide And Insect Control, Will Be Banned By 2021

Photo: Getty

(FILES) Picture taken on April 22, 2008

Hawaii first, then California, are curently the only two states, that successfully banned the pesticide, Chlorpyrifos. This popular pesticide, used on crops from corn, to fruits to pest control, have been proven to cause illnesses associated with an attack on the nervous system and especially egregious among children. The product, has been in the crosshairs since at least 2000 (when some uses were curtailed and totally phased out). The ban will take place in 2020 for Hawaii and 2021 in California. You can learn more about this important development here. UPI's Darryl Coote, October 10, 2019: California Bans Controversial Pesticide Linked To Health Issues In Children


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