Homelessness Is A Solvable Problem...Let's Put Hearts And Heads Together!

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The City of Oakland residential and businesses are asking their governing parties to come up with a permanent solution for its homelessness; and so are the homeless themselves. Even in their despair, they are making homes, for themselves, whereever they can. They are our brothers and sisters, no matter we don't know their names, their plight or past situations. We know their need and its Basic. If we can help abroad, and we do, and that is good. We can Finally and Really do it here, at home, too. And that would be Really good. Charity starts...and spreads abroad. There is an old saying, whatever affects the least of us, will eventually affect the rest of us. You can read the latest here. Fox News, Barnini Chakraborty, November 12, 2019: Oakland's Homeless Stats Soar As Pressure Grows From Residents, Businesses For A Solution


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