Are You Prepared to Step In During This "Bar Fight"

I asked the question this morning while on the air with Tim Van Horn-

Is Joe Biden the calm that you are looking for? Re-phrase it this way- with so much anxiety in this country right now and more to come- are you willing to accept Slow Joe as President if it means less bar fights?

Yesterday the bar fight was-

Trump family businesses—and whether they comply with the Constitution’s emoluments clause, including the Chinese trademark grant to the Trump Organization, Trump’s dealings with Russia, including the president’s preparation for his meeting with Vladimir Putin, payment to a porn star and a sleezy lawyer, James Comey’s firing, discussion of classified information at Mar-a-Lago, travel bans, family separation policy (remember that fight), hurricane response in Puerto Rico, use of military budget for a wall (this one is not over, just pushed into the dark to make room for a bigger bar fight now). Todays bar fight is BLM, statues, white supremacy, a virus and tomorrows bar fight will be another Russia hoax (leaks are being prepared as I write this blog post).

So, are you willing to accept the lesser of the two, in-order to stop the bar fights? Well, are you willing to have your life completely, fundamentally, transformed with slow, sucker punches when you are not looking? That is exactly what a President Slow Joe will do under the direction of cognizant, progressive radical leftists who are clearly the puppeteers pulling the strings.

They are prepared to take Obama’s bar fight playbook and continue it by abolishing the suburbs.That is NOT hyperbole- that is the plan.

Posted on the national review’s website June 30th, Stanley Kurtz lays out the continuation of Obama's plan that was put on pause when Trump was elected – and don’t think for a minute that this plan won’t kick back in if Slow Joe is voted in. Abolishing the suburbs is part of the continuation of the previous administration’s playbook with some new ideas.

The suburbs are where the swingers are, and they must be stopped for the left radicals to win back the White House.Part of the plan to stop the “swing voters” is to simply abolish the suburbs as we know them. This will be done by enforcing Obama’s AFFH (Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing) and add Spartacus’ strategy ending single family zoning rules used in the suburbs. Slow Joe has promised to do this!Those citizens who chose life in the suburbs over life in the city had better step up and let it be known why they moved to “the burbs” in the first place. NOT because of the myth known as “white flight”, rather because the desire for a better, safer, less taxed way of life.

Voters had better step in on this bar fight, otherwise you will be sucker punched when you aren’t looking.Do not be distracted by every “beer bottle” they throw at you- focus on the details of the Obama/Biden “fundamental transformation bar-fight play book”.

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