The Next Coronavirus Play - Use The Kids

The first segment from the bonus hour this morning- The Next Play is The Kids

It's LONG over due for common sense citizens to STOP and ask what the hell is going on? It's time to demand an audit of how the tests are conducted, where the labs are conducting them and how they are being processed and reported. From every contact point in the testing process to the reporting by county health departments.

These numbers that have been reported and relentlessly pushed the last week by the news media's latest darling in their fear sequel - Florida, ARE WRONG.

If you believe the numbers every day that are being fed to you by the county health departments around this country, it won't matter then if you trip on a rock and fall on your way to the bridge that they told you to jump off of. I know, It's a loose analogy, however it's time to stop being so blindly led to and end point, when the means do not justify it. The more and more stories like the one from Florida uncovering clinics reporting 100% positive rates, when the positive rate was actually 9.4%, he more EVERY state needs to put the brakes on this whole mess until which time, some honesty ensues.

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