The Memphis 7 Crime Report- U of M Neighborhoods

Who are The Memphis 7?

Patrice Robinson

Michalyn Easter-Thomas

Rhonda Logan

Jamita Swearengen

Cheyenne Johnson

JB Smiley

Martavius Jones

The Memphis 7 are are seven members of city council who believe that they know best for the city by taking away the right of the citizens to vote on the police residency referendum. By doing so- the blood of violent crime in this city is on THEIR hands. Here's the Memphis 7 crime report for one neighborhood around the University of Memphis

The shootout at Cici's Pizza in Poplar Plaza, Multiple gunshots fired.
Exxon, corner of Poplar and Highland. One person shot.
PDS parking lot--Youths trying to get into cars in the parking lot pulled a gun on a member of the school staff who noticed what they were doing. This happened at about 3:30 in the afternoon, just after carpool.
Domestic dispute with a woman getting out of a car that had stopped on South Galloway. The man got out and pulled a gun on her.
A man doing some work on a fence at Lily Lane and Highland was hit over the head and in the face with a gun by a young male walking down Highland. Robbed of his wallet and cash.

Do you know who YOUR city council member is? Do you know their email address? Do you know when they meet and what the agenda is?

Now more than EVER- you must know this information and act on it! Memphis had one of the most violent summers in many, many years. Are you ok with your council member taking away YOUR right to vote on this referendum? DO SOMETHING


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