SCS Superintendent Follows These 16 For His "Leadership" Decisions

SCS Superintendent Joris Ray announced Tuesday that he was halting all fall sports until further notice. The ONLY school district in Tennessee to do so. The Governor allows it, TSSAA allows it and even the Shelby County Health Department allows it. So what is going on at SCS K-12 that won't allow it? Overwhelming Covid numbers are not being reported in the district. There has been a steady decline of positive cases since mid July. What is the reasoning behind the decision making? Dr. Ray claims there is "far too much uncertainty to move forward". Claiming that he is following the "experts" not the "emotions" in his decision making. Well, his circle of friends, or "experts" must not be reading the same advise that everyone else in nearly the entire country is.

Ray's close circle includes 16 high paid Cheifs. His predecessor, Dorsey Hobson, utilized 10, but Ray has added 6 more and at a very big price tag.

  • As of August 2019* Angela Whitelaw- $193,800 (increase of 19% since January), Lin Johnson- $193,800, Antonio Burt- $178,500 (6% raise in January), Jenifer Ervin- $173,400, John Barker- $170,000, Patrice Williamson- $180,000, Gerald Darling- $169,793.28, Brad Leon- $163,863, Leon Pattman-$163,200, (9% raise in January), Lori Phillips $163,200 (31% raise), Trinette Small-$163,200 (4% raise in January), Jerica Phillips- $ n/a , Shawn Page-$160,000,

His decision to keep the school buildings closed was made in June, according the "experts" we talk to. That decision was made BEFORE he asked the parents which choice they would prefer and if a parent didn't respond to the questionnaire, they would automatically be placed in the- in person choice. Well, after doing some basic public school math, of the 95,000 students in the district, 65,000 preferred the IN SCHOOL choice. This was made by either taking the survey and choosing in school option or not responding and automatically being placed in that option. However, Dr. Ray decided he knows best and NOT the families of the students and announced that he would keep the schools closed "until further notice". He later announced a single digit positive daily rate for 14 days before he would consider opening. Thus, completely eliminating most of the 2020-21 school year. In our opinion, this sort of "leadership" will have a long term negative effect on the student body in SCS. Teachers are doing their best and should be applauded for stepping up to meet these challenges that their superintendent is putting on them. The students want to play sports and should, and the schools should be able to open with good planning. But good planning to open, doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon in SCS, rather a lot of time and money is being spent on the great tablet teacher experiment.

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