‘CRY’ FOR HELP House Democrats feud about failing strategy

HOUSE Democrats were heard feuding about a failing strategy and crying about tweets in a wild conference call that was leaked on Twitter.

The call came on Thursday, just two days after theUS Electionsas party representatives all dialed in to talk after losing a number of seats.

On the call, moderateDemocratshit at Liberal reps as they blamed them for pushing an agenda that they claim cost them seats,The Hillreported.

Democrats in the 2020 election kept a majority in the House – but lost several seats.

As of Friday afternoon, Democrats held 208 seats, compared toRepublicans' 196.

Dems are facing five seats lost, while the GOP gained six.

Ultimately,NBCprojectes that Dems will hold 226 seats compared to Republicans' 209.

VirginiaRep. Abigail Spanberger hit at Democrats' campaign strategy as a "failure,"Politicoreported.

She spoke about them pushing for police funding to be redirected to other areas.

Many demonstrators and lawmakers – including Spanberger – voted for police budgets to be re-allocated after the death of George Floyd and a surge of energy in theBlack Lives Mattermovement.

"No one should say ‘defund the police’ ever again,” Spanberger said, as reported by Politico.

“Nobody should be talking about socialism."

The Virginia rep was one of several Democrats that was hit by attack ads over police reform bills.

Spanberger warned that if Democrats make the same moves, it will cost them in the 2022 elections.

'No one should say "defund the police" ever again,' Spanberger reportedly said on the callCredit: AP:Associated Press

Pelosi maintained that Dems won the House and the presidency on the callCredit: The Mega Agency

"We will get f**king torn apart," she said, according to Politico.

Speaker of the House andCaliforniaRepNancy Pelosidisagreed with Spanberger, however,The Hillreported.

"We won the House," Pelosi said.

She also said Democrats won the presidency, Washington Post reporterErica Wernersaid on Twitter.

"We won the House," Pelosi said on the callCredit: Splash News

Werner tweeted thatFloridaRep Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, who lost her, race was crying on the call.

Mucarsel-Powell said people could not pronounce her name correctly, and were negative onTwitter, The Post reported.

As details of the call were leaked online, several reps called for it to stop.

"Some of my colleagues are literally live-leaking our internal Dem Caucus call right now to CNN, The Hill, NBC, Politico, etc." California Rep Jared Huffman tweeted.

"I've gotten texts from 3 different reporters asking me to live-leak juicy details to them. No. We (Dems and the media) need to stop this nonsense," he added.

Mucarsel-Powell – who lost her race – reportedly mentioned that people could not pronounce her name and were negative on social mediaCredit: Splash News

Michigan Rep Rashida Tlaib defended her colleagues, saying they should fight for matters that are important to people in their Congressional districtsCredit: Reuters

New YorkRep Hakeem Jeffries came on the call to tell his colleagues to stop leaking details – and said "that reporters aren’t your friends," The Post reported.

Washingtonstate Rep Pramila Jayapal told Jeffries to find the people sharing details of the call, according to The Post.

As some of the moderate candidates hit out at liberals, some defended their colleagues.

Two people who dialed in to the call told Politico that Jayapal said that Democrats voters are motivated by what is important to them.

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