WATCH: Man Frees Black Bear He Found Trapped Inside His Car

Photo: Getty Images

A Tennessee man is still in shock after a bear broke into his car while on a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains.

Joseph Deel was enjoying a vacation with some friends at a cabin in Gatlinburg earlier this month when he saw that a black bear had somehow gotten into his car and become trapped, per ABC 7.

Deel posted a video of the incident to his TikTok, where it has been viewed nearly 22 million times and liked by more than 3 million users. In the video, he can be seen prying open the driver side door, yelling "Go!" over and over until a large black bear emerges. Deel and his companions continue screaming at the bear until it finally runs off.

"She attempted to get back inside my car," he said. "I went back outside and yelled at the bear and threw things at her. The two bears then proceeded to leave the car and moved to the backyard of the cabin we were staying [in]."

Check out the video below. Warning: The video contains strong language.

Even though they scared the bear away, the damage had already been done, even leading to his car breaking down while driving back to his home in Johnson City, about 100 miles away.

"I had to abandon the car," Deel said. "Insurance took two days to get a tow truck to my car. In that time looters broke into my car via a back window and stole my catalytic converter, battery, and exhaust manifold. Insurance cut my car as a loss and totaled it."

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