DNA Of Suspected Gilgo Beach Killer's Wife Matches DNA Found On Victims


Photo: YUKI IWAMURA / AFP / Getty Images

The case against alleged Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann has taken a strange turn. According to a report by ABC NewsDNA from Heurmann's estranged wife, Asa Ellerup, matched DNA found on the victims.

However, prosecutors have ruled out Ellerup as a suspect because she was out of town when the murders took place.

Investigators reportedly found hair fibers on the burlap used to wrap the victims before they were dumped in a marshy area of Gilgo Beach on Long Island. The DNA from the hair matched the DNA taken from a cheek swab of Ellerup the night her husband was arrested.

Heuermann has pleaded not guilty to murder charges in the deaths of Melissa BarthelemyAmber Costello, and Megan Waterman.

He is also the prime suspect in killing Maureen Brainard-Barnes but has not been charged. A special grand jury is reviewing evidence in the case and will decide whether Heuermann will be indicted.

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