Woman Loses $800K Injury Claim After Photo Shows Her Tossing Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Throwing World Championships

Photo: Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images News / Getty Images

An Irish woman lost an $823,000 injury claim after photos and videos contradicted her testimony about her injuries. Kamila Grabska was involved in a car accident in 2017 and suffered back and neck injuries.

According to the Irish Independent, Grabska told the court she experienced constant pain and could no longer work. She claimed that she was unable to pick up her children or do regular tasks around the home. She also said that some days, the pain was so excruciating that she couldn't get out of bed.

However, lawyers for the insurance company uncovered evidence that she wasn't being truthful about the extent of her injuries. They showed a photo of Grabska participating in a Christmas tree-throwing contest in 2018. When questioned about it in court, she admitted to the judge that she won the competition.

The insurance company also showed a 30-minute video of Grabska recorded in 2023, playing with a large Dalmatian.

After seeing the evidence that contradicted her injury claims, a judge tossed out her case, costing her $823,000.

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